BlueScope ĘC A global leader in advanced steel products and custom engineered steel buildings.

BlueScope's history has always been in steelmaking - but the future lies in selling Australian innovation, technology and expertise to the booming Asian and global growth markets.

Today, we make some of the world's most advanced steel products. We are recognized as one of the world's best designers and contractors of custom engineered steel buildings.

BlueScope's business has been built on the strength of our global partnerships, global networks and global brands.

Our track record of successful global partnerships enables us to prosper in widely diverse markets. In India, we have established a joint venture with the highly respected Tata conglomerate, a joint venture in Saudi Arabia is opening new opportunities in that expanding market, in North America, our 50:50 North Star BlueScope Steel joint venture with Cargill continues to perform strongly, and our joint venture with Nippon Steel - NS BlueScope Coated Products - will open exciting new markets and opportunities in Asia.

Equally important are our successful partnerships with our customers. Many of our customers are Fortune 500 companies, and we can help them realise significant savings in the total cost of their buildings by reducing construction schedules.

Our global networks are another great BlueScope strength, with more than 100 facilities in 17 countries, employing over 16,000 people serving thousands of customers.

Our strong partnerships and networks are built on BlueScope's great product brands, such as COLORBOND®, Clean COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel, LYSAGHT® steel building products, and Butler® and Varco Pruden custom engineered buildings.

We are now structured into four businesses:

  • BlueScope Building Products, (Became NS BlueScope Coated Products following the joint venture with Nippon Steel), with headquarters in Singapore
  • BlueScope Global Building Solutions, with joint headquarters in Shanghai and Kansas City
  • BlueScope Australia and New Zealand
  • North Star BlueScope Steel in Delta, Ohio

BlueScope Global Building Solutions

A global leader in custom engineered steel buildings

BlueScope's Global Building Solutions business is a global leader in custom engineered steel buildings, with a capability unmatched by any competitor, anywhere in the world. With more than 5000 employees across 24 manufacturing plants in eight countries, it comprises the Company's engineered buildings solutions businesses in North America, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, and our joint venture businesses in India and Saudi Arabia, and metal coating, painting and Lysaght businesses in China.

Our Asian buildings business consolidates our ASEAN and China operations to better leverage our capabilities, including engineering support, logistics and supply chain across the region. Under Asia building solutions, we have Butler engineered steel building solutions and Probuild engineered steel building solutions, etc. Our China Building Products business supports our growth into the construction market in Greater China. This business consists of our Coated Products business with a manufacturing facility at Suzhou, and our Lysaght business with four manufacturing facilities in the north, central, south and west of China. BlueScope has been operating in China for more than 20 years. BlueScope China currently employs over 2000 people with 10 manufacturing sites and an extensive sales network across China. The 10th manufacturing facility at Xi'an just commenced in 2013.The new facility arguably becomes one of the most environmentally sustainable facilities of its kind in the region, meeting stringent environmental design principles and industry standards, being certified as the first 3 Star Rated green building in China.

We have contributed to thousands of projects in China involve in fields such as Industrial and commercial, public buildings, power stations, high rise as well as residential. Our diversified premium solutions are highly respected by the owners, architects, engineers, constructors and governments.



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