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Clean COLORBOND® steel
Product feature

Clean COLORBOND® steel has been at the forefront of prepainted steel technology and product innovation in Asia for many years. It combines the superior of steel, the corrosion resistance and protection of a ZINCALUME® steel substrate and the long lasting beauty of an oven cured paint system, offering remarkable resistance to chipping, peeling and fading. Clean COLORBOND® steel was developed by BlueScope Steel to resist staining and discolouration, to give your building long lasting beauty.

Superior corrosion resistance

The substrate of Clean COLORBOND® steel is ZINCALUME® steel. ZINCALUME® steel provides excellent corrosion resistance performance, making Clean COLORBOND® steel more durable and able to withstand all weather conditions.
The pictures below show prepainted Galvanized steel Z275 on the top, Clean COLORBOND® steel on the bottom.  Both samples have been exposed for six years in a severe marine environment, with the test site located 50 meters from coast line.

Outstanding Durability

BlueScope steel has been focusing on product innovation for many years to provide innovative products to meet the needs of the customer. Using Clean COLORBOND® steel on your building, will allowed it to look better for longer, due to improved gloss retention, enhanced chalk resistance and low film erosion rates.

Resistance to dirt staining

Dirt staining affects all building materials used in Asian countries. It occurs when airborne dirt particles from pollution and haze bond tightly to a building’s exterior. Once it happens dark and unsightly stains from on the building’s surface and cannot be removed easily. Clean COLORBOND® steel is specially formulated to cope with all environments, including the industrial environments of Asia. Utilizing a revolutionary coating system prevents even the finest dirt particles from bonding to its surface. As a result, dirt particles remain “loose” on the surface and are washed away with rainfall, thus preventing dirt staining, ensuring your building look better for longer.

Infra-red reflection

Thermatech® Technology
Clean COLORBOND® steel introduces the innovation use of Thermatech® technology to maximize the reflection of solar heat radiation away from your roof surface. This in turn cuts down the heat radiation travelling downwards into the building, making the interior of the building cooler. The temperature of the roof sheet is lowered due to the Thermatech® technology reflectivity of Clean COLORBOND® steel. This in turn cuts down the heat radiation travelling downwards into the building, making the interior of the building cooler.

Mechanical properties

Clean COLORBOND® steel is offered in several strength grades. These are separated into two main grades: a medium grade and a high grade. The medium grades of Clean COLORBOND® steel has a combination of strength and flexibility that makes it suitable for using in application that require steel based products capable of being formed into complex shapes and curves. The high grade of Clean COLORBOND® steel makes it the perfect choice for applications that require longer spans, as the higher strength enable it to be specified at lower thickness. It has the unique ability to complement both traditional and ultra modern architecture.


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